The Libra male sexual partner

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There are several other star signs that are meant to be exceptional lovers when it comes to getting physical with opposite star signs like the cancer male and Capricorn female that are meant to be very sexually compatible. There are also the Scorpio males who do very well with the Gemini females as sexual partners however this does not necessarily mean that they are compatible life partners, only just compatible in the bedroom. This is also true for the Libra male who is one man who knows how to please a woman because of his tiger attitude and outlook on life. This is said to be even more positive for the Libra male that gats together with the Pisces female which make one of the most compatible sexual couples out of all the star sign comparisons.

Unlike other couples that get together because they make good conversation or have a lot in common there is something about the partnership between the Pisces woman and the Libra male. That instant sexual spark is what gets them together plus possible a good pick up line too which can only increase your chances of getting lucky with one of the many horny Pisces women who are looking for some fun. The Libra male has a good name for himself when it comes to being a generous lover; he is committed to making his sexual partner satisfied in different ways whether that is through oral sex, regular sex, anal sex or any different variations of sexual activity. They are a confident lover with some good moves for the more experiences player and a player is exactly what they are. Always out looking for a good time if they are single these Libra males will get the girls that they want and if they cannot find one girl then they are usually lucky enough to find two or perhaps even three. A modern day swinger these guys know how to rock a girls world by using his sexual experience to please then so that either they will come back for more or they will recommend him to other women for sexual encounters.

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Find the Libra male

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I was on a hunt for the right Libra male because I knew that he was my best sexual partner when it came to the zodiac signs. My girlfriends and I are all big fans of the reality of the zodiac stories and telling because they are more often true rather than not. I had not had a boyfriend in several months and my pussy was starting to ache for a real dick inside me. I could only use the vibrator so much until the effects did not get me that relief so I was on a mission to find a generous Libra male lover for the night. The facts from the zodiac tell me that the Libra male is the best sex partner for a Capricorn female however they are not the best partner only a very good lover.

The girl friends came around for a few drinks before we headed out and as usual my friend Daz tried to put her lesbian moves on me. She knows that I was feeling lonely and is always telling me that she could please me in a way that a man could not. This time I gave her I bit more of a grope until her hand went inside my panties and then I stood up and said it was time to go out. We chased men all around the clubs and eventually I found one that had big muscles and was a Libra man. He would do me so I took him home that night and we had some great orgasmic sex until the sun came up and then he got in a taxi cab and went on his way home. Sometimes the best fucks are the ones that you never see again except in your memories or the next time the vibrator comes out.

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Knowing the Libra male

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The Libra male is one of the more passionate lovers of all males using romance and intrigue to lure his women into his bedroom. Many women will not resist him because he is charming and dashing however once lured they often change their minds later into the night. Libra males are passionate lovers but often neglect their ladies feelings and often satisfy themselves before they do their partner. This could be said about many males however after all the wining and dining the Libra male does to attract a mate he generally lets her down in love making.

Libra men are also liberal men and love to love all of the women. Many women fall into the trap of loving the Libra male however he has not made his intentions clear and you are not on his list of things to do, only things he has done. Once in a while there will be a certain lady that comes into the Libra males life who has the ability to change his character slightly however there is no point trying to change him completely otherwise you may push him away even further.

The Libra male can be attracted to marriage though they make a very demanding husband and lover too. This is the problem with getting involved with a sexually natured person when you do not like sex yourself. Be careful with your Libra male and he will treat you well however if you let him done he will be looking for what is next on the menu.

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The Mysteries of the Libra Male

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Those familiar with the seventh zodiac signs by the name Libra will attest to its peculiar golden scales which are otherwise referred to as the scales of balance. This represents one of the most audacious characteristics of the Libra male which is his mysterious potential of arguing from both side and emerging triumphant. The two words share certain peculiarities which no doubt makes them share the word. For instance, Libra is the only zodiac sign which unlike others is represented with an inanimate object, that’s the scale of balance, instead of humans or animals.

As for the Libra male, he has certain trait that sets him apart from the rest of the male family. A good example is his charm and attractiveness which he shares with all and sundry without his knowledge. He also has a greats taste which appeals mostly to members of the opposite sex, not to mention his pronounced easy outlook on life and its ups and downs. Most ladies will argue that the Libra male is a creature which is easy to get along with because of his sweet disposition and his avoidance to domesticities which many marriage counselors and divorce attorneys will confirm are the culprits behind most break-ups. This qualifies him to be the best candidate for a life-time partner.

Libra males are however not known for endearing themselves to the crowds. This if viewed at nicely is a kind of contradiction, but their contradiction doesn’t end there because they are for instance, known to be “charter boxes” while still making very good listeners; very tidy at times while still naïve and gullible among other bouts of inconsistencies in their characteristics.

You can be tempted to think that they possess a dual personality but experts have refuted such an assumption and in its place attributed that to Libra males’ knack of trying to experiment with different emotions.

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The Libra Male Personality

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Libra male has many attractive, charming and flirtatious characteristics which also lead to their downfall. For instance a Libra male can flirt and entice his affectionate object until she gives in. The woman may choose to watch enthusiastically just how close  her man attends to all other women especially her closest friend, that will obviously  gives the Libra man the reputation of being a womanizer. It is believed that a Libra man can respond to all your questions but will never solve the mystery of your girlish dreams. He likes to maintain a balance in all aspect of life and that includes love.

Libra male has so enchanting smile that you will fall in love with him even if you are his enemy immediately he opens his mouth to smile. They love harmony and beauty, for him life is all about dreams of romance especially when it concerns love and sex because he thinks sex is love and love is sex .After you are thoroughly captivated, you are bound to forget your own existence. Libra male usually have difficulty in making decision, after much consultation he may change his options in a split of a second; this is all because they believe in perfection. It is unfortunate that a male governed by Libra seems to give a negative impression of him but after getting acquainted to him it is apparent that he is capable of being a good friend indeed!

Libra male are hard to please but he is a very passionate and a strong follower of tradition. Hence in relation to long term relationship a serious commitment is what they prefer. In most cases the Libra male have a talent of making good judgment and no other zodiac sign can beat them since they have a lot of wisdom.
libra male

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Libra Male Guide

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For those people who are familiar with zodiac signs ‘Libra’ is not a new or for that matter strange word. The rest of the lot however may need a definition. Libra is the seventh sign on the astrological chart otherwise known as zodiac. It gets its name from the constellation pattern of the Libra stars. Libra is denoted by the picture of a pair of golden scales and is also called the scales of balance.

This in itself differentiates Libra from the other zodiac signs as it’s the only one represented with an inanimate object rather than human or animal. Kids born between the months of September 23rd-24th and October 22nd-23rd are considered to be Libra individuals. Libra according to Greek mythology is associated with the god Themis- the god of justice.

The Libra Male is known to posses certain traits that set him apart from the rest. He is said to have a charm and attractiveness about him that he’s sometimes unaware of and has great taste. He has an easy outlook on life and so May enjoys good natured arguments and may take two sides of an argument separately and win them every time .this man is best suited for a mate with a sweet disposition and is not hard to get along with. He holds a certain aversion to domesticities and so can be hard to please in a long term relationship.

Libra males love people and are therefore very polite but do not endear themselves to crowds. Libra male characters’ may seem to contradict each other for instance they may be smart and at the same time gullible and naïve .they may appear to talk a lot but are also very patient listeners. This makes Librans a very confused lot indeed. This does not mean that they possess multiple personalities but it stems from their urge to experience different emotions different times.

Taking orders for a Libra male may be very hard and they may appear broody or moody when bossed around. In tandem with the sign of scales of balance Librans weigh out the good and bad of every decision they make in order to obtain the perfect balance. They as a result do not tolerate impatience in decision making and are known to achieve high levels of concentration and pondering over the deepest of subjects.

At the first meeting one may mistake Libra males of being such bores but as one progresses to know the wonderful abilities show what rare individuals the really as friends and partners.

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